Half Priced Magazines - It took a little time but they CAME THROUGH

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HalfPricedMags was unable to fill my subscriptions for Vanity Fair but after a few emails between myself and HalfPricedMags they came through with a full refund.

I have ultimately had a very positive experience dealing with them!

HalfPricedMags was unable to fill my subscriptions for Vanity Fair but after a few emails between myself and HalfPricedMags they came through with a full refund.

I have ultimately had a very positive experience dealing with them!

HalfPricedMags was unable to fill my subscriptions for Vanity Fair but after a few emails between myself and HalfPricedMags they came through with a full refund.

I have ultimately had a very positive experience dealing with them!

Monetary Loss: $57.

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Granted this was a few years ago, but I ordered UsWeekly and it worked great. It took like 6 weeks to get my first magazine and I believe I had to call avoid the automatic renewal...but it was a great deal.

Half Priced Magazines is a SCAM

Not resolved

I ordered a magazine in October 2006. I was told it would take up to 12 weeks.

I waited; it never came. I emailed the service area repeatedly. I got 1 email back telling me there hads been a mistake. Be patient and it will start within 12 weeks.

Again, no magazine.

No one picks up the phone, no one responds to my emails. No return of my $30.

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New York, New York, United States #1235672

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i sure hope you get this email and can direct me to who i need to speak with regarding going throught the same issue with bank of america. i have gone through this same thing with bank of america for an entire year....

please contact me at seselia67@yahoo.com


The very same thing is happening to me also. Each time I apply i am told @ the last min.

you didnt send something. How do you prove it? I now have a great job and could afford a mod. w/ Bank Of America.

I told them " all I need is an affordable payment, that is it" Its simple, yet they do not seem to care. It is very sad when we dont want to look after one another any more!!!!


This BofA mortgage issue started with my inability to pay the property taxes on our house because of severe reduction in wages – the car business has been a little rough…. (our taxes and insurance were not impounded in an escrow account due to lack of funds on orig. purchase date in 1999 – we have a decent loan at 5.87 fixed APR over 30 years so it was not a ‘bad’ loan problem) and I had missed 3 tax payments as of Jan 2010– I had approached the County of Riverside CA property tax people who indicated that until the 5 year point nothing happens from the state concerning the property – as long as we can be current before the 5 year point then there should be no issues – at this time our mortgage was with Countrywide –

shortly after Bank of America took over Countrywide mortgages we got notified of the following:

Feb 2010, BofA paid a $4988 Riverside county tax bill

March 2010 – got a letter from BofA saying they paid additional house taxes for this past year as well – now all caught up – also they will be paying our insurance as well (their policy, if they pay taxes then they pay insurance also – doesn’t matter that we are completely caught up on insurance…)

March-June: various phone conversation with BofA CR reps concerning payments/options/etc (in April we got loan mod paperwork which was sent back (docs package complete) in late June)

May 2010 – escrow account was reviewed and house payment adjusted – old payment (P&I only) was $2123, new payment with all escrows included and amortized over 7 months (to be clean by year end) is now $3944

June – did not complete new $3944 payment (paid normal $2123 plus paid $1K more attempt but could not swing the $1800 addition to the payment)

Called July 19 – “BofA received mod docs on 7/14 – processing, check back in 30 days”

I was told “we suggest you keep paying what you can during the review process” so I never changed the auto house payment of $2123 from Union bank account

Called Aug 18 – “assigned to underwriting 8/2 but not yet assigned to underwriter, once assigned to underwriter will take 30-45 days, check back in 30 days”

Called Sep 8 – “you can’t be in two programs at once so payment plan set up in June is cancelling due to non-payment, your account shows escalating to ‘trial modification’ (3 month program) – should be assigned to underwriter this week, call back in two weeks”

Called Sep 16 9:46am – “still with underwriting, continue making payments as you are (best you can), your account is now in ‘pre-foreclosure ‘ so you will get a certified letter every 30 days, each time we accept a payment it starts again so your new foreclosure start date is Oct 16”

Called Oct 14 11:04am – “as of 10/13 assigned to underwriter, Dec 13th is expiration on processing (60 days)”

Got a ‘certified letter’ from BAC – announcing “intent to accelerate” loan – meaning foreclosure ‘officially’ started

Oct 21 got a new RMA package from BofA from FedEx – completed and sent back Oct 22

Oct 22nd, got a second ‘new’ RMA package from FedEx – exactly the same as the one from the 21st but different return address – also completed and sent back Oct 26

Called Nov 10 11:26am – “Active review status, no updates at this time, no estimated time frame at this time, check back in two weeks”

Got a call on my cell Nov 29 (from 805/000-0000) – “need a copy of a utility bill faxed a.s.a.p. for loan mod then your loan goes to underwriting for approval”

Faxed water bill on Nov 30 at 8:00am

Called Dec 7 11:15am – “you are in pre-foreclosure status, I show we need a recent util. bill, two months bank statements, two months’ pay stubs or unemployment docs, & 2009 tax returns – note, requesting this program does not guarantee acceptance, if you are not accepted foreclosure has already been started, fax docs to Shatina Allison, 800/658-0395 – her direct# is 877-738-0074 Ext 13406”

Left Shatina a VM message Dec 7, 11:35am leaving my cell# asking for a return call.

Got a return call from Shatina Dec 7th 6 pm, water bill will not work – need gas, cable, electric or phone bill

Faxed cable & gas bill on Dec 8th

Dec 13th – Shatina called to request pay stubs/new RMA doc and hardship letter, once received she can send the account to an underwriter – she followed this call up with an email confirming what she needs

Dec 14th – filled out all docs, scanned and emailed to Shatina

Dec 20 8:39am – left voice mail for Shatina

Dec 12 8:41am – talked to Status Dept – no other documents needed at this time – your account is under review – no ETA at this time but it is being processed

Dec 30 3:04pm – talked to Status Dept – account has been forwarded to underwriter Brian Eaton, the last time it shows review activity was 12/24 and this person suggested I also talk to the collection people @ 800-669-6607

Dec 30 3:30pm – talked to Collection Dept – as per them the ‘Notice of Intent to Accelerate’ expired on Oct 16th, loan went into ‘Foreclosure’ status on Nov 8th but no sale date currently listed – payoff to bring the loan current is $10,509 and payment is now $3455.59 – she cannot give me the underwriters number or email but if needed she can have him email me – he has the ability to stop a sale date if he believes he will be able to process the modification.

Jan 5th 11am, called Status Dept – still in progress, no additional docs needed – once underwriting review is complete hey will contact me

Jan 5th 11:12am, called Collection Dept – verifying amount to bring loan current – “10509 is not correct” more like $3455 x 4 but she will mail me a letter for the 401K people indicating exact amount needed – loan is in foreclosure status but no sale date is listed

Jan 18th 9:16am, called status dept Alexandra, no updates, no docs needed please give it some more time and check back regularly – I asked if a sale date was shown on the account she said ‘not at this time’ –

I then asked a payment question and she said she would have to transfer me to the retention dept, after transfer the next person verified my account info then said my account was being handled by a different dept, she gave me a different number, transferred me then I got cut off – redialed the 800/669-6650 #.... got routed back to the status dept, the status person suggested I not put in my account# when asked but just push 0 otherwise I will always come back to status – I tried but by not putting in my account # the system would not forward my call and disconnected my call, I called back & this time inputted my account # - back to status dept… this time the status person could & did help;

Verified: $8561.80 in negative escrow, $13,965.21 total due including late fees, new payment of $3455.59 includes neg escrow amount, P&I = $2123.63 + new escrow amount once - sale date of Mar 15th just posted… on Mar 1st or 2nd the status dept can request the sale date be delayed if it gets to that point…

If I bring the account up to date using 401k funds then the modification process and foreclosure process both stop…

Brian Eaton – underwriter – 888-328-6430 TX office, no email listed – no luck calling this number…

Jan 25th – called status dept 12:11pm, the gal I spoke to says “ I show we need two months bank statements for your file” – when I inquired about when this was posted to the account she could not tell me (I talked to status dept on 1/18 and no mention of this) and when I asked if anyone was going to contact me to let me know she said “I only take inbound calls” so I asked if there was an outbound call center and she said yes, but she did not know where they were, she only knows her job and that is to take calls 

Jan 25th 12:31 faxed Nov 2010. Dec 2010. Jan 2011 (3 months) bank statements to 888/258-7329

Jan 27th – Status check – talked to Ryan – the bank statement request still ‘open’ but likely being processed if you sent them – takes a few days – no further updates – I asked him to verify the sale date since I had gotten none, then Mar 15th, then Mar 12th in the past – he reviewed three different areas and confirmed no sale date listed anywhere on the account – no notes saying removed sale date but he stated he would not expect any notes to that effect unless it had been formally requested – he doubled checked and shows no sale date at this time

Jan 31, received a FedEx at home from BofA (enclosed letter dated Jan 28th) requesting ‘most recently completed federal tax return’ -

Feb 1st -faxed in all copies at 11:00am, called for status check at 11:24am and was told ‘just waiting for underwriter’ no further documents needed at this time

Feb 9th – I called and stated I am checking status of the modification - “I show your account is in foreclosure at this time, how may I help you?” I show you are 5 payments behind at this point, why are you behind? I am checking status… “Please hold”

She came back and said the account says “we are waiting for some financial docs to be completed by you” I inquired as to what docs because I have been sending stuff every week – she put me on hold while she reviewed the account then came back and told me she was contacting the ‘vendor’ who was in charge of my account – please hold (total hold time approx. 19 minutes)

She came back and said – the reason the tax docs are still ‘pending’ is the copy I faxed previously were not signed – please sign and re-fax a.s.a.p.

Feb 10th 10:10am – refaxed 2010 tax returns with signature (I had ‘re-printed my taxes from TurboTax and yes, they were not signed)

Feb 12th 9:30am – status check call – now I need to fax the following as soon as possible;

2 of my latest pay stubs, a signed IRS form 4506-T (avail on IRS.gov), and a current RMA form page 2

Feb 14th 8am, faxed all of the above forms to 800-658-9351 as requested

Feb 21th 9:30am – status check – still in review – I need to download a ‘Dodd Frank Certificate’ and fax it to 888-258-7329 & 972-608-1147

There is a sale date on the account of 3/15 and I need to call 14 days prior to request a postponement

Feb 21st 6:05pm, got a call on my cell from Valarie Gonzalez, 888/325-6430 Ext 48866… she is now assigned to my mod and needs Pay stubs, 4506-T IRS form, & 2 months bank statements faxed asap to 866/631-2857 so she can get it to underwriting and postpose the sale date – she works in Simi Valley and is in from 3pm to 11pm PST if I need to contact her

Feb 22nd faxed all docs requested (pay stubs, 4506-T & 2 months bank statements) at 7:20am, (also faxed the Dodd/Frank doc to her & to the number requesting it), I called Valarie at 3:30pm and she stated she had received all the docs requested and had forwarded them to underwriting @ 888-325-6435 – I will have to check back in a few weeks, I reminded her that our sale date was in a few weeks so she said maybe check back in a few days – Friday 2/25 would be good, so I called the number immediately and was told underwriting has all the docs they need – call back on Mar 2nd to postpone the sale date

Feb 26th – called for status update – as of 2/24 loan is out of underwriting and with QC – QC has up to 30 days to process but usually much quicker – they will contact you and start a 90 day trial mod – just continue checking in regularly for more info – you will be contacted by the QC people at the conclusion and receive a FedEx package with a trial mod agreement to fill out

Feb 26th, called cust service @ 800-669-6607 EXT 808196 to ask about amount to ‘catch up’ loan, and how that amount added up… $17,228 + Feb payment is behind, current payment is $3455.59 – there is a $8561 neg escrow account that is bumping your payment up – ‘normal’ payment would be $2648 with P&I + tax and ins ($2123 P&I) – so after approx.. $20,000 (inc late fees and Feb) and the $8K neg escrow I can call cust svc and request loan/escrow be reviewed which he can do on the spot to adjust the payment back to normal

Feb 28th 11:20am – status check – with QC, check back in a couple a days, you can request a sale date postponement on Mar 1st

Mar 1st – reached Daniel at 7:29 (status dept) - he said no additional info needed, MaryAnn is the underwriter assigned to the account at this time, he can request a postponement today since it is 14 days away from sale but it is not guaranteed – your account is with QC at this time – he submitted the sale date postponement email to underwriting (“it should go through since your loan is in QC but don’t quote me on that”) but he could not forward me a copy of the email – just check back in a few days

Mar 1st – 7:42am called BofA office of the CEO (704-386-5687) and asked for a manager to discuss my loan mod

Jason Phipps handled the call at this point – he said he could see the request being filed – he created a file so he could link it to our account and be notified as soon as it was processed – he took my cell and said he would call on Thurs. or Fri (the underwriter & investor have 48-72 hours to address the postponement request) he said that a loan in QC should not have a problem getting a postponement approved – usually a 30 day postponement is the norm – he has only seen 2 or 3 disapproved and they were because of multiple loan mods denials and re-requests – yours should be fine at this point

Mar 2nd, 12:30pm – called status dept, no further docs needed, no change to sale date at this time – 1st thing they post is a note confirming request for postponement and that is not yet on the account

Mar 3rd 7:40am, called status dept, no further docs needed, no change in sale date at this time – still 3/15

Mar 3rd, 4:42pm, called status dept – Desiree said I need to speak to the negotiation dept at this point – my loan has been assigned a negotiator - #800/669-2443 ext #2773 & she transferred me - #2773 was not in so I got forwarded to the next avail. agent – Matt – he stated my loan had been assigned a negotiator on 3/2 & his name is Luke Mai. He is not in so let me try his supervisor Sabina Murshedi, she is on the phone and we tried holding for 8-10 min but still on the phone – Matt took my cell and emailed Luke to call me in the morning – Matt cannot see the sale date listed at this time although he said there is some date of 3/5 listed but that can’t be right – must be a mistake – he said a loan at this stage is pretty much approved and no sale date should be assigned – but QC sometimes takes up to 30 days to review

Mar 4th: called negotiation dept 800/669-2443 ext 2773 8:20am – was told my account is assigned to Luke Mai, let me try his extension… he is not it would you like him to call you back – I left my cell#, sale date of 3/15 is still posted to the account

Mar 4th 9:16am, got a call from Luke Mai, as of the 24th your loan is out of underwriting and assigned to me. I work with the investor team and the QC analyst to get the mod finalized. Your mod is a ‘Making Homes Affordable’ mod which is a US Gov. backed program. If for some reason you do not qualify for a MHA mod then I will work to get an internal mod processed.

I asked him about the sale date and he was submitting for a postponement today – I told him I did this on Monday and he said that is fine, he will follow up with a request of his own – we should know by mid-week next week.

Luke Mai 714/987-5026, 877-430-1431 ext 14599, fax 866/358-7651 email luke.mai@bankofamerica.com

His partner 714/987-5025

His boss Sabina Murshedi 714/987-5036

Per Luke, he is the point of contact for any questions or concerns – he will be handling this process personally from this point forward – if I have any questions please reach out to him

Mar 5th LM for Luke Mai 9:48am

Mar 7th LM for Luke Mia 3:14pm, called all phone numbers listed and his partner Fatina Abual

Mar 7th LM for Jason Phipps at office of CEO at 4:51pm with Andrea Lowery

Mar 8th, got a call return call from Jason Phipps at 10:10am, he reviewed file and stated sale date had been postponed til 4/15 at 10am, he cannot email or fax me confirmation – the foreclosure attorney will mail me confirmation within a week or so – I expressed my concern about having something tangible concerning the sale date and he said he would look into it – if he could get something he would overnite it to me

Appraisal conducted - Mar 9th CE Elliott – paid $300 cash – got this done for potential pending CH13 filing

Mar 9th 9:15am LM for Luke Mai

Mar 9th 9:30am attempted to reach Luke (714/987-5026 & 877/430-1431 ext 14599) Fatina (714/987-5025) Luke’ s boss Sabina (714/223-8570) also Fatina’s boss George (877-430-1431 ext 14547 & 714/223-8356)

Mar 9th 11:44am – got a return call from George (see above) and he said he had forwarded my info to Luke and Luke was on the phone but would call back within the hour

Mar 9th 12:10pm, got a call from Luke Mai – Luke said he was able to get the sale date postponed til 4/15 but he could not send me any info in writing – the investors attorney would be sending me written notification within a week – I expressed concerns over the lack of any kind of verification of the sale date and after putting me on hold for a bit Luke came back on and gave me the following info: the Trustee Div of Ca Courts automated phone line: 800/281-8219 and by using our trustee sale # (found on any of the docs sent to me recently from Recon trust) TS# 10-0148827

Mar 9th 12:50pm, I called the trustee phone number and using our sale# the system confirmed ‘postponed, new sale date 4/15’

Mar 11th, 8:11am, I called the trustee phone # and got the same info as above

Mar 11th – 4pm - got a Fed Ex letter stating load mod was denied due to income being $9316.22 and my payment not exceeding 31% the Home Affordable Modification program stipulates so modification was denied – (note – the current payment of $3455((as per BofA)) exceeds 31% - the 31% =$2888 and we ARE above that plus you can add in HOA fees which = an additional $140 or a total of $3595)

Mar 12th – 8:05am LM for Luke

Mar 12th 8:50am called 888/325-5399 as listed on the FedEx letter – talked to Christina who said our account is flagged as ‘discuss with Luke only’ she attempted to reach him but he was not in – she agreed that the math did make sense – she suggested I fax an appeal letter to 800/520-5019 and talk to Luke as soon as possible – she emailed him to call me on Monday am

Mar 14th (Monday) – 7:48am LM for Luke

Mar 14th – 12:10pm contacted Wells Fargo for info concerning 401K hardship withdrawal – Wells people say approx.. 5 days to process once they get the request – I can overnight the form

Mar 14th – 4:28pm, called Sabina (714-577-1791) – (Luke’s boss) – Luke is on vacation this week – she will be filling in for him – she does not show that a denial letter went out? I told her I have it in my hand dated 3/10 shipped overnight – she put me on hold for 5 min and came back with the letter – she reviewed my gross income and expenses – reviewed the house expenses and she concurred that with the house, the second & HOA fees we have a payment of $3803 which is 40.8% & that as a percent of gross income is more than the min of 31% - she is filing an appeal letter in the morning and will re-contact me on Tues the 22nd – I discussed the need for a reinstatement letter in case we need it as a backup plan – she reviewed the account and currently shows $20861 due in back payments & $8561 in neg escrow – she needs to research to see if the neg escrow can be included in the reinstatement amount – she will process a.s.a.p. but at the very least will update me on 2/22

Mar 18th – called Sabina 1:30pm – she has submitted the appeal letter and expects to hear back on Mon or Tues – nothing new at this time – sale date 4/15

Mar 21st – LM for Luke Mai – 8:29am

Mar 21st – LM for Luke Mai – 3:10pm

Mar 22nd 9:15am – LM for Sabina

Mar 22nd 9:35am – LM for Luke Mai

Mar 22nd 9:41am – called trustee sale phone line – sale date of 4/15

Mar 22nd 11:14am – Sabina called, she has the 401K letter done – it is at legal and will be fed-ex’d Thursday – sale date is now May 16th and she should know more on the appeal on Thursday or Fri

May 22nd 6:10pm – called the trustee sale phone line – sale date of 5/16

Mar 30th 10:40am LM for Luke Mai

Mar 30th 10:42am LM for Sabina Murshedi

Mar 30th 1:48pm got a return call from Sabina – sale date still May 16th, nothing new needed- still in ‘appeal status’

April 1st got a call from Marlene Estrada on my cell – she is my new negotiator (she left this on VM for me) and she left her # of 877/430-1431 Ext 14117 and suggested I return her call at some point – she is just calling to introduce herself

April 5th 12:35pm – left a VM message for Marlene

April 5th 1:41pm – got a return call from Marlene – she has been assigned my account from Sabina – the account is still in appeal status and the sale date is still May 16th – she will be following up in the next few days with any updates

April 6th 1:35 pm, got a VM on my cell from Sabina Murchedi saying she was following up on our previous calls

April 7th 3:39pm, I returned her call but she was not in

April 12th 8:12am, left Sabina (714/577-1791) a VM – checking on status

April 12th 11.10am, got a return call from Marlene Estrada – advising that ‘Making Home Affordable’ appeal had been denied due to income to house payment debit ratio being less than 31% (the minimum) when Sabina and I had done the math and came up with 40.3 % which is why we submitted the appeal – Marlene is requesting actual figures used since all they had listed was an income (gross) of $9271 and ‘after not considering the HOA fees’ (which according to the MHA docs they are supposed to consider) the percentage is less than 31% - she will see if she can process something ‘in house’ and request further info from MHA and she will contact me next week

April 15th – got a FedEx letter from Marlene with a blank ‘Making Homes Affordable’ RMA form, a blank ‘Personal Budget’ worksheet, and a request (again…) for two pay stubs, two recent bank statements, a letter of explanation, a recent utility bill, a list of expenses and HOA proof…

April 19th – 9:02am – LM for Marlene

April 19th - 9:49am – Marlene called back – no new info – she has not heard any explanation from MHA as far as how their math shows less the 31% - we reviewed the numbers again and she is understanding but is NOT a mover / shaker by any stretch – she will attempt to re-contact the MHA people for further explanation and/or details – sale date is still 5/16 but she can request another extension

April 21st 8:38am – called Customer Service dept to get reinstatement figures – got a fax for reinstatement totaling $28,836 but this does not include escrow – then transferred to escrow (800/669-6607) who told me neg escrow is currently $10,958 and she will fax a statement but this figure cannot be included in reinstatement letter (even though it was included last time… Mar 22nd)

April 25th – 8:31am - Called cust serv. to attempt to get a reinstatement figure/letter including the neg. escrow amount of $10,958.29 – cust serv could not help me and transferred me to the foreclosure dept – held for 2 min then call dropped

April 25th – 8:40am – called collection dept to ask the same as above – automatically forwarded to modification dept – modification dept can only ask for a reinstatement letter, they cannot include the neg. escrow amount – she said the escrow people may be able to do that – she transferred me to escrow dept – the escrow people say they can only send me an escrow printout – they have nothing to do with foreclosure.....


April 25th – 8:55am – faxed 401K Hardship Withdrawal application paperwork – called to verify that it had been received – 5 days to process check, they will overnight it to me, I talked to my local Wells Fargo branch (where I have an account… and my 401K is with Wells Fargo Retirement Services) and they will not put a hold on it so for a small fee I can overnight ‘certified funds’ to the BofA people and be DONE!


April 26th (ok, decided maybe not done… I will try a call or two to the MHA people on a contact phone number listed on the decline letter) 8:15am – called 888/325-5399 – which turns out is actually BofA modification dept – talked to Claudia who while reviewing my account the phone call dropped?.... called back and got Jasmine who reviewed the information & we discussed the denial letter stating that we were less than the 31% min so did not qualify when in fact the math (using their numbers as stated in the letter) and said that she can see the orig. appeal which was approved on April 1st (due to housing cost equaling 37%) but then denied on April 7th but no reason indicated

April 27th 7:50pm, called modification number (same as above) and spoke to Matt, Matt said he can see the MHA appeal was submitted on the 26th and no update yet, try back on Friday – sale date of 5/16 and we can submit for a sale date extension 14 days prior so 5/2 we want to request that extension.

April 29th, 7:38pm - Called modification number again – no update at this time I should try back on Monday May 2nd

May 2nd 4:07pm, called Larry @ modification assistance (888/325-5399) – no update on the appeal notated at this time on the account – it still shows we are reviewing other in-house bank modification options for you – BofA is experiencing some computer software issues in our appeals area so this could be affecting your appeal – I would check back on Thursday or Friday

May 3rd 9:25am called Marlene for status check on appeal from MHA – someone picked up but nobody there – faint voices in background – redialed: talked to Marlene, she has not heard back from MHA concerning explanation of the denial – she is re-escalating the MHA request and submitting for an extension on the sale date (it is obvious that the notes she is reviewing have noting in them concerning the appeal that the cust svc people submitted for me last Mon/Tues – they must have multiple files for me)

May 3rd 1:38pm called ‘modification assistance’ one more time (Marlene, with all her good intentions, sounds like she is ‘out to lunch’…. so I wanted a second opinion) – this gal I got was pretty spot on but said the following:

A) They (BofA) now have a “sale date extension team” & their job is to automatically process sale date extension requests on behalf of the homeowners if the account appears to warrant it – the downside is that the extensions cannot be manually processed until within 3 days (just to catch cases that slipped though)

B) My account shows that I had already talked to Marlene today and she was escalating the appeal concerns – multiple people submitting for these will complicate and slow down the process

C) She said that the appeal will probably take a few more days to process

D) She also confirmed that the reinstatement amount expires on 5/5 and if the check shows up after that it would likely be returned because it would be a few dollars short which would not be good – and she confirmed that the reinstatement amount of $28,836 includes the neg. escrow amount (it includes 8 payments of $3455 of which approx. $1200 is escrow monies) so after paying that $28K amount our escrow account would have a few hundred left negative.. which would be ‘normal’

E) Lastly she suggested NOT waiting til’ 5/4 to overnight the reinstatement amount just in case – she suggested today would be way better to send it so… I had a ‘cashier’s check’ cut to BofA and overnighted (UPS #1Zxxxxxxxxx) to the BofA address indicated on the reinstatement fax (shipped on 5/3 to LA BAC address - )

Done – one year after starting this process……. and sadly, I still have no answer why MHA denied me (see March 11th above) based on the fact that the math indicating why we were denied (in the denial letter no less) did NOT equal the amount that would have given them cause to deny – whatever … done – paid my $30,000 from 401K retirement in order to keep the house – the “Making Homes Affordable” program is NOT user friendly, BofA is out of control on stringing people along through this process – I take full responsibility for getting us into this mess but… I really feel for people without the resources to be able to fix the problem themselves because it seems virtually impossible to rely on ANY government program as it applies to housing/loan assistance if you put the bank in as a middleman….

May 4th, 10:47am: Got confirmation email from UPS that over-night letter was received at BAC office and signed for by Aldaz – I will follow up in a few hours to verify it is being processed

May 4th 1:54pm – no update, call back tomorrow and the check should have been processed

May 5th 10:12 am - check has not posted, I was advised to call the bank that issued the check to see if it had been cashed (Wells Fargo) – so I did and the check had not yet been cashed – I called BofA back and this person said it takes at least 48 hours to process but will be stamped with the proper arrival date “don’t worry”

May 5th 1:18pm – no update ‘sir, it takes a while to process the back payments and credit the check to the right accounts’…. So during this ‘processing’ nobody notes the account that the check has been received? ‘no they do not’ - nice

May 5th 4:12p, – no update, check still not posted, spoke to Tiffney (800-399-1762 ext 8502) who seemed sort-of knowledgeable and concerned & she said she would continue checking on the account and notify me as soon as the payment posts – she actually left me a VM at 6:59pm (end of her shift) to say the payment had not yet posted

May 6th 10:42am – Tiffney called to say that the check did post to the account this morning and it would take approx.. 48 hours to process and clear the account – she said the escrow account review will happen automatically and my new payment with P&I and escrow should be $2600.37 and will be due June 1st

May 7th – 9:44am – called cust svc line of 800/669-6607 – anything I ask for on the automated attendant says ‘I am sorry I cannot help you let me get you someone who can help’ – then after a 2 min hold I get dropped – this happened 4 times before I switched to 866/422-5871who then told me the payment had not yet been processed – call back on Mon or Tues

May 9th 11:07am, called cust service 866/767-4104: payment not yet fully processed, account is still with negotiator Marlene but when asked about the approx... $8500 paid and not credited to the account (Oct, Nov Dec & Jan payments of $2124 totaling $8496 – paid after foreclosure started and posted to a ‘partial’ or ‘holding’ account) she asked that an account history be faxed to me – she also said I can get account history info on-line but when I went on-line the account is still in the ‘information blocked due to non-payment’ mode so I cannot access it – once I have the history I can follow-up with ‘payment research’ dept (800-669-6607) – then she transferred call to foreclosure dept – I left VM message for Marlene

May 10th 9:36am – Marlene called to say the account now shows ‘0’ so that means everything has been processed and will no longer be assigned to her – she is still looking into the MHA decline and has escalated the question twice – she will still call me if she gets an answer – otherwise my contact should be cust. service @ 866/767-4104 – Marlene says she show payment should be P&I of $2123.63 with escrow amount of $1331.97 but I can request a review from the cust svc people now that the account is caught up. Marlene also said the sale date is one off the account at this time.

May 10th 9:51am – called cust svc 866/767-4104 and they told me my account was assigned to a different dept and transferred me – this person looked into my account and said my account is assigned to Raquel at Fannie Mai 877/430-3404 and I should talk to them – I called Fannie Mai and she said my account shows assigned to a negotiator Marlene and I should contact here – I expressed concern that this was my 4th person to talk to today and Marlene had already said she was not my contact – Raquel took down all my info and emailed her supervisor to try to sort this out – I should be getting a call within 24 hours from her supervisor. –

May 10th 10:41am – called trustee sale hotline 800/281-8219 for TS# 10-0148827 – sale date is May 16th at 10:00am and now has an opening bid listed at $221,500….

May 10th 10:45am – called Marlene back at 877/430-1431 ext 14117, left VM message concerning sale date info and multiple rerouting of any calls I make to the cust svc dept.

May 10th 10:51am – called cust service at 800/669-6607, Laquenita cannot help me but will get me to someone who can…. 7 min hold…. Got April on the line from Tennessee who knew her stuff… finally…. - she says reinstatement could take as long as 60 days to get completely sorted out as far as payment postings, etc. – she shows no sale date listed on the account at this time – she suggests that I fax in an ‘op-out’ letter to 800/520-5019 so the mod process will stop and my on-line access will be reestablished – the account is coded in a way that blocks some applications within BofA.

She transferred me to Janna from MHA decline dept – Janna reviewed the account info and the decline info - $3455.59 house payment with P&I&escrow with gross income of $9316.22 = 37.1% ?? she did not understand it and transferred me to a supervisor

Next I got Craig (MHA supervisor) who did the math and agreed – we have an issue here – he is resubmitting to the review team & will contact me on Friday the 13th to advise – note: Craig is in a ‘call out only’ office so I cannot contact him – I gave him my cell # so I had no chance of missing him

Friday came and went…….. no contact

Thurs May 19th…. No contact

Tues May 25th… still no contact

Tuesday May 25th , 11:22am, called cust service to inquire about my payment amount & date – on Sat I received my first mortgage bill from BofA in 5 months or so – it states payment is $3455.59 but I had been told since reinstatement check included all the neg. escrow the payment would change to $2600.37 (see May 6th.. above) - cust service can’t help me because my account is assigned to the cust assistance team – let me transfer you…. Cust assistance team said my account is assigned to negotiator Marlene so she is the only one who can discuss the loan with me – I said the last time I spoke to Marlene she stated she was no longer assigned to my loan sine the reinstatement check had been processed. He said he could not help but he could email her and her boss to contact me immediately – whatever…

Tuesday May 25th, 11:48am, called cust service back and told them not to transfer me to cust assistance or to Marlene – just tell me what my payment is please – she said it looks to be $2687.44. I said my bill indicated differently and she said cust assistance or Marlene would be the only ones to tell me exactly what the payment is…. And she suggested I pay what is on the bill 

Tuesday May 25 2:44pm, Marlene called; she has no idea what my payment is – she can reach out to escrow and call me back on Wed. to give me an exact number

Never heard from Marlene…..

Thursday June 8th, called customer service to verify payment amount and was told I need to speak to Marlene for info on this account – I explained that Marlene 1st does not have a clue what my payment is and 2nd, she won’t call me back- after a 5 min hold I was told my payment is $2687.44 - so I paid $2700 via Union Bank electronically sent on 6/8 (payment is due on the 1st and late on the 16th)

Tuesday June 14th, got a FedEx letter from BofA modification dept denying my appeal for the Making Homes Affordable program dated June 13th? – I called customer service to verify payment was received and posted to my account properly, the gal I got on the phone cannot talk to to me about my account – I have to speak to my negotiator – who she says someone named Sara (I have lost count but approx.. my 5th negotiator during this process… 2 of which, including Sara, I have never heard of or from…) so she sends Sara an IM but Sara does not respond so all she can do is email Sara and have Sara call me – what is my best contact number?.... this is almost funny…. So I kinda go off on this poor gal saying I just want to know 1) did my payment post to the account and 2) what is the exact $$ amount of my monthly payment and 3) how can I get these BofA MHA denial letters to stop?

She somehow looks up the account and says my payment is $3455.59 (per the ‘payment coupon’ screen) and she shows my $2700 payment being received on the 13th but it has posted to a ‘partial payment’ account pending receipt of the other $755.59 (which is due by the 16th or late charges will apply…. Nice!) – she transfers me to her supervisor Adam: Adam verifies her $$ information and says I really should have gotten a payment coupon cause he can see it in the system – he has no idea why anyone would have told me $2687.44 because the payment is clearly $3455.59, my escrow account was reviewed on May 16th following the reinstatement – the escrow changed the payment to $2688 but not til’ July 1, the June payment is still the $3455.59 figure so I am behind by the $755.59 amount – he will also forward an email to MHA to stop sending FedEx denial letters if possible.

Wed. June 15th 2:45pm, I called Cust Svc to pay the $755.59 via debit card – I explained to the gal that my payment was a little messed up due to confusion on BofA’s part concerning my payment amount – so I had paid $2700 but apparently was a bit short – she pulled up the account and she said yes a bit short but only by $58.97 – my payment for June was $2758.97 and I paid $2700 so yes it was in a partial account but waiting for the $58… I asked her to double check since I have gotten many different versions of the payment and she stated that she always looks on the ‘back’ escrow screen which is the real info – she said the front screen on BofA’s software shows $3455.59 and the coupon page shows $3455.59 but the escrow screen (what she calls the ‘real’ screen) shows $2758.97 for June, $2687.70 for July – the payment, as per her info, will continue to decrease slightly each month for 9 months and then should stabilize at $2679.51 (there is a small neg escrow being paid off for 9 months)…

She did say she will take the $755 payment if I would like but $58 is all that is required – I did not have a check with me (they cannot do a debit card transaction) and I still have Thursday to pay so I will call back in the morning with a routing # and ac# to make the $58.97 payment

Thur. June 16th 11:53am - Called cust svc (800/669-6607) – 1st gal could not view notes on my account (she was in collections despite me calling cust svc?? So she transferred me to cust svc – they can see more info on the account from their end…) – direct cust svc# 866/767-4104 is the number she recommends for cust svc – she will transfer me…

I then got Tamera… gave her my loan # and soc sec# - she is not one of the quick ones sadly… loan # took three tries and last 4 of my soc. Took two tries… then she wanted to transfer me to ‘someone who can help’ but I told not to transfer me – I just want to pay $58.97 to my account via the phone… she put me on hold to get the ‘partial payment’ status released…

So Tamera came back on the line after 20 min… my June payment has now been released from ‘partial payment’ status and I don’t owe anything more for June 2011. My new payment inc P&I and escrow is $2679.83 and she will send a July payment coupon out right now- she can be reached at 800/669-6607 ext 9406 and she apologizes for the confusion – not every rep knows where to look for the payment info… so I passed on my concern that over the past 30 days I have spoken to 6 or so different people all of whom had different payments listed for me ranging from $3455 to her which was the lowest – she assured me that June was paid and no late charges would be applied for June and she assured me that Julys payment was in fact $2679.83… we will see…


In February of 2010 I was unemployed and no income. I signed up for “The making home affordable program”, At that time I was told that this would take 30 to 45 days to get an answer.

I felt at that time I could weather the storm and maintain my credit for 30 to 45 days. I called at least 4 times a month and was told it would be at least 30 days. I started to fall behind on my house payment and my regular bills because If I paid my house payment, I could not pay my regular bills. In September of 2010 I received a letter from Bank of America stating that I was decline for the program with reason stated that my household income was $5187.87 per month.

And that was less than the 31% requirement of the making homes affordable program. My payment went up in August to $1979.05 because my home insurance had taken an increase. I disputed that I did meet the guidelines of the making home affordable program because my housing expense was at 38%. I again was declined by BOA.

I contacted the OCC that oversees the banks and on 12/22/2010 I received a letter and a call from the office of the CEO of BOA. She started a dispute again. I receive a call every week from BOA counselor stating there is no new news.Today on 2/28/2011 I was declined for the same reason. Now you would think that these guys can add.All the information I recieved has been confirmed by them and they still will not enter me in the program.

My house payment is $1979.05 on the first and $425 on the second. Both are thru BOA. I am up against a wall. I pay the mortgage and I can’t pay my bills.

For 20 years I have never missed a payment and my credit rating was 749. Now I am afraid to look. Had BOA not lied to me a year ago about the 30 to 45 days. I would have tried to refinanced my house to a 30 year mortgage.

Now I have no credit. This is a real injustice and I can’t believe that a bank that was too large to fail can destroy a persons life like this.I think they are too big to follow the rules our government sets for them.So who owns who


My wife and I had all of our supporting documents in August 2010. First they said it went to the underwriter on September 23rd.

Then it was that the information got to the underwriter in November. Someone told me we would hear a decision by December 23rd. It is now February and we know nothing, and get the same answer everytime we call the "helpline". We have struggled severely but managed to keep our loan current.

Maybe the "squeaky wheel gets the grease" I'm not sure how much longer we can hold on.

Very dissapointed in this program. :sigh


I am having the same problems and need help right away! BofA


Loan Modification ***

Bank of America has ben my financial partner in both personal and business for over 21 years. I trusted them because they got me this far until I had to close my business last year.

I contacted them when I had to close my business last year. I started to fall behind on my 1st loan. They explained to me some programs they had but at the time I was not receiving much of an income. I applied and was denied because I had no income.

I applied again after I got a job with a good salary, and was denied again. I was always told that my application was approved and wait for the paper work to come. In some cases it did and in some cases it never did.

My problem is that I have been denied all but twice due to them never receiving the information. In the last 2 cases, they asked me for profit and loss statements for a business I did not operate any longer, ask me for tax returns for both personal and business that was no longer running. All of this took about 12 months back and forth. During this time they would not accept my payments.

I have been denied the 8th time now due to being to close to the "thresh hold" what ever that means. At this point it does not matter it you make to much money or not enough, they will find a way to decline it.

What are they doing with the so called money to help our own people.

During this process I have accrued over $7,000 in attorney fees and "foreclosure" fees. Why does that not need to be disclosed like when we are require to sign the loan?

The Fleecing of Americans.

Who is going to save us from the banks?

I work hard and I have 75K in equity that can not be used because they will not approve my application for a equity line increase to reinstate the loan. I own 50K in cars that they will not refinance the loans on to reinstate the loan. I have a 15 year fixed 5% loan with only 10 years left. My value is not under water but well above water. I can not walk away

They have all the interest in the world in taking my home. I know you want me to think that they do not want to do that, but they stand to make a handsome profit in the process.

And when I call and want to know who I can speak to to better understand why I am being denied, I get the same answers, if you have a complaint, write your Congressman.

I just do not understand how this can continue to happen and no one is taking accountability.

Just about to loose it with no where to turn


I submitted my documents to Bank of America in April. The verified that all needed documents were recieved.

One month later they increased my mortgage payment by $130.00 by adding a escrow account to my loan.

August 5 I was told it would be "looked into by the way of an esculation" "by law" they must contact me with status within 10 working days. Today...asked me to wait five more working days...I can't aford this

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